Board members and trustees

Nosheen Khwaja

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Nosheen is a designer, artist, curator, tech, and massage therapist. Feeding that work is her passion for social justice and sharing knowledge to communities. She is passionate about art and knowledge being accessible and interactive… for the divide between ‘art’ and viewer to dissolve and for the experience to be direct and tactile, fully involving the senses. Over the last 20 years Nosheen has curated screenings, shown artwork and performed in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, New York and the UK. Currently part of the Enough! Residency.

Cloudberry MacLean

Co-Founder & Curator

Cloudberry MacLean is a practising writer and filmmaker. Examples this can be seen at She has been active in community organising for over 20 years and has drawn a lot from her involvement with anti-poverty campaigns, women’s DIY health events, LGBTIQ self – organisation and Digital Desperados.

Rosie Lewis


Practising artist & musician, Rosie is the Director of the Angelou Centre (a black and minority ethnic women’s centre) – a specialist Black & Minority Women’s Independent Domestic Violence Advocate and BAM! Sistahood! Project Co-ordinator. She has an extensive background in advocacy work with women seeking asylum and vulnerable children and young people having worked in both strategic and frontline roles in the domestic abuse sector. Rosie has been involved in social justice and feminist activism for over 20 years.

Sharlene Bamboat


Sharlene Bamboat is a practising video & performance artist. Shaped by a queer framework, her work calls into question narratives of diaspora, citizenship and nation building. She is also on the board of VTape, and is the Artistic Director of SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre).

Anna Bambridge


Anna brings her skills gained as a Physics and Theoretical Physics Cambridge graduate to the Digital Desperados accounts. She also serves as the Treasurer of the Bates Association for Vision Education. She now runs her own natural vision practice, Indivisual, and has spoken and led workshops at the International Conference for Holistic Vision, Eyecare 3000 Optometry Conference, Schumacher College and the British College of Optometry and Vision Science.

Elaine Castillo


Elaine Castillo received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley & an MA from Goldsmiths. Her fiction, essays and short films have been featured in The Rumpus, Center for Art + Thought, make/shift mag, and {PANK}, among others. Her first novel, ‘America is not the Heart’ was published in 2019

Derica Shields


Derica Shields is a writer, editor and film curator in New York. Her research interests include black diasporic visual art, film and futurisms. She is the co-founder of The Future Weird, where she curates experimental and speculative films by black and brown filmmakers. She has worked as the arts and culture editor for Okayafrica, and is a contributing editor at The New Inquiry.

Jackie Wang


Jackie Wang is an academic, poet, musician, writer of numerous zines & articles and the author of ‘Against Innocence’. Her writing has been published by Lies Journal, Semiotext(e), HTML Giant, BOMBlog amongst others. In her critical essays she writes about queer sexuality, race, gender, the politics of writing, mixed-race identity, prisons and police, the politics of safety and innocence, and revolutionary struggles.